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Cancer Magick
Includes Moon Magick and Magick for Moon Mansions 8 - 10

The Crab

June 21 – July 21
Ruled by The Moon

The roots sink deeper into the soil…

As the flighty, curious energy of Gemini eases into Cancer, the new plants feel a need to look back at the past and to establish a more secure root system to ensure growth into the future.  Cancer needs to feel safe, secure, and at ‘home’ while nurturing the inner self. At times a bit unstable, Cancer is a very sensitive, emotional sign…at the same time, Cancer is extremely secretive and private.

The Decans of Cancer

June 21 – June 30

July 1 – July 11

July 12 – July 21

Best known stars in the Constellation of the Crab
Acubens, The Manger

Astrological properties of Cancer

Planetary Ruler: The Moon, luminary of emotions, the instincts, the soul, mother, romanticism

Archetype: The Poet, The Mother

The Myths and Associations: Dionysus, the Manger and the Two Asses, Hercules and the Hydra, Egyptian creation myth of Nu and the source of all life, the cradle of life

Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Sex: Feminine

Rules: The 4th house of the Zodiac, the house of the past, the physical home, our parents (the nurturing parent), and our foundation in life

Keywords: Emotional, dreamy, romantic, deceiver, nurturer, protector, sensitive, intuitive

Moon Mansions with Cancer energy:

The path of the Moon is divided into twenty-eight stations among the fixed stars .  These twenty-eight stations are known as the Moon Mansions, and are, in short, a Lunar Zodiac.   When the Moon passes through each Mansion, she takes on and reflects the energy of that Mansion.  Using the energy of the Moon in combination with the energy of the Mansions, you can boost the power and the success of your magickal practice.  Moon Magick is extremely powerful when the astrological associations (aspects, sign, and transits to your personal natal chart) and Moon Mansions are taken into consideration.   Pay attention to what Mansion the Moon is passing through when considering what type of spell or ritual you are contemplating for the New or Full Moon

Mansion Eight: Amathura, Alnaza or Anatchtraya
From 00.00 Cancer to 12.51 Cancer

Energy of Mansion Eight: Instinctive protection, defense, nurturing those less able to care for themselves (animals, children), heroics

Spells and Rituals: Protection spells (both personal and for others as well as material possessions), Nurturing spells, increasing empathy and understanding, emotional strength

Mansion Nine: Atars, Archaam, or Arcaph
From 12.51 Cancer to 25.43 Cancer

Energy of Mansion Nine: Divination, increasing sensitivity, dreamwork, aiding others, promoting sympathy, taking compassionate action when needed, creativity 

Spells and Rituals: Rituals involving divination, increasing sensitivity rituals, dreamwork, aiding others, promoting sympathy spells, taking compassionate action spells, enhancing creativity 

Mansion Ten: Algelba, Algelioche, or Albgebh
From 25.43 Cancer to 08.34 Leo

Energy of Mansion Ten: Dynamic creativity, expansive imagination, visionary, accepting responsibility for your own talents (using them for the good of all), self-confidence and belief in the self, love

Spells and Rituals: Creativity spells and rituals, dream and visionary spellwork, developing creative talent, building self-confidence rituals, enhancing self-esteem spells, love spells

Magickal properties of Cancer

It is important to note here that there are various ideas and slight differences of opinion regarding the magickal properties and energy of each sign.  If your personal practice and experience suggests different properties, then please follow your own tradition.  Magick is a very personal experience, and the properties suggested herein are what I have found useful in my own work.

Colors: Silver, white

Gemstones: Pearl, Moonstone, Emerald, Tiger’s Eye, Crystal

Totem Animals: Crab, shellfish, otter, seal

Herbs and plant energies: Poppy, water lily, white rose, anise, watercress, moon-wort, willow, coriander, ginger, hyssop, sesame, jasmine

Scent (for oils and incense): Lily of the valley, jasmine, rose, ginger

Metals: Silver, aluminum

Numbers: 2, 7

Angels: Archangel Gabriel, Alinkir ~ Angel of third decante of Cancer, Ayoel ~ Angel of first quinance of Cancer, Hayayel ~ Angel of fifth quinance of Cancer, Mevamiah ~ Angel of sixth quinance of Cancer, Muriel ~ Archangel of Cancer, Rahadetz ~ Angel of second decante of Cancer, Rahael ~ Angel of third quinance of Cancer, Yebamiah ~ Angel of fourth quinance of Cancer

Note: All magickal information included on this site is positive magick.  I have not included the darker information as I do not practice any magick that interferes with the free will of others or harms anyone or anything.  I do not condemn those who wish to work with more controlling or negative magick, but I do not personally wish to distribute or encourage such endeavors.  It is up to each of us to walk our own path, and my path is into the light.

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